Brograph is a tutorial website run by industry professionals Dave Koss and Matt Milstead. With a slew of experience in many aspects of the production industry, Dave and Matt's main love is 3D Animation and Motion Graphics. They decided to share their knowledge via Brograph so that  novices, professionals, and hobbyists could learn from their experiences in the industry. A majority of the site focuses on Cinema 4D, but there are also videos on After Effects and now Nuke. Besides tutorials, Brograph offers videos about ongoing experiments, video presentations about the industry, animation breakdowns, a podcast, and soon a section of affordable model packs.



Our tutorials feature real-world, practical applications and advice. Not just pretty pictures for the sake of pretty pictures. This is relevant advice you can use in your day to day job.



The driest of the dry humor. But a humor we believe most people who enjoy our tutorials will love. Why can't tutorials be educational AND entertaining?


We're always pushing the limits on new technology to see what we can do with it. When we do, we share the crazy contraptions we come up with. Eventually some of them turn into tutorials.